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Mountain Tides Wine. A New View of California Petite Sirah. Release date in Spring 2018. 

2018 Carbonic Petite Sirah

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2018 Carbonic Petite Sirah


100% Petite Sirah
Contra Costa County AVA
12.1% Alcohol
2 barrels produced
(limit 12 bottles per customer)

Sometimes a mistake can be a stroke of luck, an act of fate, or an act of God depending on where your spiritual inclinations lie. In honest winemaking, the goal is always to make delicious wines that represent the time and place from which they come which I think makes it easier for us to adapt in these situations because we are not trying to force or sculpt the wine into being a predetermined thing. Here we have one such fateful error where the grapes came in much lower in sugar than we were expecting so we experimented with adding over 65% of the clusters in whole without separating the berries from the stems. The resulting wine smells like heaven; a heaven filled with juicy black cherries, sweet spices, and dusty earth. That juicy fruit quality extends to the palate where one would more likely think it is Beaujolais Cru than Petite Sirah. The whole clusters went through carbonic maceration which yields these beautiful fruit flavors, but the addition of the woody stems also gives the wine a strong backbone of tannic structure that is supportive without being overpowering. It is a harmonious and heartfelt wine that we are so pleased to have available, albeit in very limited quantities. At our house, we like to drink it with a little bit of a chill on the bottle so don’t be afraid to throw it in the fridge for an hour or so before opening.

Tech Info:

Harvest Brix Level: 21.0

TA: 5.6 g/L

pH: 3.51

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