Mountain Tides

Mountain Tides Wine. A New View of California Petite Sirah. Release date in Spring 2018. 



Whether it is trekking through the gently undulating landscape of red earth that makes up Lodi’s Clements Hills, crossing the single lane bridges that are sprawled out among the Sacramento Delta in Contra Costa County, arriving upon the uplifting scent of salt and evergreen in the winding hills of the Dry Creek Valley, or even riding along under the ominous gaze of Rancho Seco (the decommissioned nuclear power plant in Sacramento County), we often find ourselves in unlikely places on the search for compelling Petite Sirah vineyards in California.

The Mountain Tides wines, each made from the Petite Sirah grape, embody these specific nooks and tucked-back places throughout California. With a gentle hands-off approach and an emphasis on aromatic complexity and fresh energy, our wines almost work as a travel diary of sorts; monuments made to our favorite vineyards and the people who farm them.

We would love it if you joined us on this journey as we discover California through the lens of Petite Sirah.

(Production is very limited)