Mountain Tides Wine is a winery founded by Scott Kirkpatrick and Allison Watkins in 2016. They have a unique vision of exploring Petite Sirah in all its forms. The winery stands out by focusing on unique vineyard sites and embracing stylistic differences from other Petite Sirah wines on the market.

Scott Kirkpatrick and Allison Watkins approach winemaking and life in general with a thoughtful and creative mindset. They consider themselves artists and believe that creativity is the journey, while quality is the ultimate goal.

Petite Sirahs, typically known for their deep colors and robust tannins without excessive alcohol content, haven’t always caught my interest. However, the producer Mountain Tides, operated by a passionate duo, has embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way we view Petite Sirah. They are dedicated to crafting a diverse selection of single-vineyard wines from organically cultivated grapes, though I’ve yet to encounter them. Their blend, crafted from grapes across various sites, aims to captivate with its liveliness and appeal. Indeed, it succeeds. The tannins are refined while the wine maintains its structure, resulting in a delightful pairing for a juicy grilled skirt steak.

The husband-and-wife team behind Mountain Tides

The visionary duo behind Mountain Tides, Scott and Allison Watkins, have committed themselves to redefining the narrative of Petite Sirah wine. With a philosophy deeply rooted in expressing the distinct characteristics of each vineyard, their approach focuses intensely on organic farming and meticulous winemaking practices. Their passion for Petite Sirah is evident in their dedication to showcasing the varietal’s flexibility and breadth, challenging the conventional perceptions that often pigeonhole this wine type into a singular category.

Scott and Allison’s journey with Mountain Tides is more than just about winemaking—it’s a mission to inspire and move those who experience their wines. By choosing organically grown grapes and emphasizing single-vineyard expressions, they aim to highlight the unique terroir and potential of Petite Sirah. Their approach is a refreshing divergence from the norm, emphasizing the vibrancy, structure, and nuanced complexity of their wines. Through their work, the Watkins aspire to open new dialogues about what Petite Sirah can be, inviting enthusiasts and skeptics alike to rediscover and be moved by this often-underappreciated varietal.