What Wine with Chicken? – 10 Delicious Options

What Wine with Chicken? – 10 Delicious Options

What Wine with Chicken?

Pairing wine with chicken can seem daunting – after all, there are countless varieties of wine and endless ways to prepare chicken!

But fear not, aspiring gourmand, the perfect pairing is within your grasp.

This article, “What Wine with Chicken?”, will guide you through the basics of matching your chicken dish with a delicious wine, taking the guesswork out of dinner and replacing it with delicious certainty.

Get ready to impress your friends and tantalize your taste buds – let’s uncork the world of wine and chicken together!

What Wine with Chicken?

Pairing wine with chicken can enhance your dining experience, especially if you’re new to the world of wine. Chicken’s mild flavor makes it a great match for various wines.

For white meat chicken dishes, like roasted or grilled chicken, try Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. These wines, with their crisp acidity, complement the lightness of white chicken meat.

For dark meat chicken or dishes with richer sauces, consider a Pinot Noir or a medium-bodied Merlot.

These red wines balance the intensity of the flavors without overpowering them. If you’re having spicy chicken dishes, a Riesling or Gewürztraminer can provide a sweet contrast to the heat.

Remember, the goal is to match the wine with the dominant flavors of the dish rather than just the meat itself. Don’t be afraid to try different pairings to discover what you enjoy the most.

Ultimately, the best wine with chicken is the one you enjoy drinking alongside your meal.

What Wine with Chicken?

What Wine with Chicken?

1. Sauvignon Blanc

Originating from the Bordeaux region of France, Sauvignon Blanc thrives in various climates, influencing its flavor profile.

Cooler climates yield zestier notes, while warmer regions can produce richer tropical flavors.

It’s generally aged in stainless steel rather than oak, preserving its characteristic sharpness.

Pairing: It’s a natural partner for chicken marinated in herbs and citrus.

The zippy acidity of the wine slices through the fat and complements the tanginess of the dish, making both the chicken and the wine more enjoyable.

2. Chardonnay

Chardonnay is beloved for its versatility. Aging in oak barrels can impart a toasty, vanilla flavor, while unoaked Chardonnay will retain more of the fruit-forward apple and citrus qualities.

This grape can be grown almost everywhere, but the most prestigious Chardonnays come from Burgundy and California.

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Pairing: Oaky Chardonnays are fantastic with chicken dishes that incorporate creamy sauces, butter, and a roast profile.

The richness of both the wine and the food meld for a luxurious taste experience.

3. Dry Riesling

Dry Riesling, particularly from regions like Alsace, Germany, and Washington State, presents a refreshing option among white wines.

It’s loved for its lively fruit and floral essence and its ability to express terroir—a sense of the place where it was grown.

Pairing: Its bright profile makes it a friend to spicier chicken dishes.

The wine’s crispness will cool the heat and elevate the inherent flavors of the dish without overwhelming it.

4. Beaujolais

Made in the Beaujolais region of France, this wine is meant to be enjoyed young and is celebrated for its light body and fresh, fruit-forward taste.

It’s perfect for those who prefer something less tannic than other red wines.

Pairing: The light nature of Beaujolais works remarkably well with chicken dishes that aren’t overly heavy or rich.

Whether the chicken is roasted or served with a cherry sauce, the wine holds its own.

5. Bourgogne Pinot Noir

This wine showcases the subtlety of the Pinot Noir grape.

Red Burgundy wines come from vineyards with rich histories and strict AOC regulations, ensuring high-quality wines with nuanced profiles — think red fruits, subtle spice, and minerality.

Pairing: Try it with a chicken dish that carries earthiness, like one that includes mushrooms or is prepared with a red wine reduction.

The wine’s complexity complements these sophisticated flavors without overpowering them.

6. Dry Rosé

Rosé is not just for summer sipping—it’s a serious wine that’s perfect all year round. Made by allowing minimal contact with red grape skins, it’s as versatile as it is varied in style.

From Provence to California, Rosé can run the gamut from bone-dry and minerally to fruity and floral.

Pairing: Its versatility means it can match the simplicity of a grilled chicken breast or the complexity of a Moroccan chicken tagine.

The crisp finish of the rosé can bring a refreshing balance to a diverse range of dishes.

7. Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

Although Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are made from the same grape variety, the style differs greatly.

Pinot Grigio, typically from Italy, tends to be light and crisp.

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In contrast, Pinot Gris, especially from Alsace or Oregon, is more full-bodied and could carry sweeter notes of honeysuckle and ripe fruit.

Pairing: The clean acidity of Pinot Grigio, and the richer profile of Pinot Gris, cut through the richness of chicken dishes with creams or sauces and accentuate flavors of herbs and aromatic spices.

8. Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is perhaps most famously produced in the Loire Valley of France and South Africa.

It can be crafted into everything from sparkling wines to well-balanced dessert wines, with dry versions offering refreshing hints of green apple and wet slate.

Pairing: Try it with a roast chicken that includes apples or a hint of sweetness in glazes or sauces.

The wine’s acidity and fruitiness provide a nice counterbalance.

9. Blanc de Blancs Champagne

Meaning “white from whites,” this sparkling wine is made purely from white grapes.

The high acidity and fine bubbles are a result of the traditional Champagne-making method.

It can range from zesty and fresh to rich and creamy, depending on the aging.

Pairing: For a luxurious meal, pair with a chicken dish served with a creamy sauce or with a richer preparation.

The effervescence of Champagne adds a refreshing dimension and cleanses the palate.

10. English Sparkling Wine

English Sparkling Wine has emerged as a serious competitor to traditional bubbly.

With climate and soil conditions similar to Champagne, these wines offer a unique expression of their local terroir, often with remarkable crispness and finesse.

Pairing: This wine’s acidity and complex flavors make it suitable for fuller-flavored chicken dishes, including those with creamy or buttery profiles.

The sparkle and zest can cut through the richness and offer an inviting contrast in flavors.


In conclusion, finding the perfect wine to accompany a chicken dish transforms an ordinary meal into an extraordinary dining experience.

Whether you opt for the zesty acidity of a Chardonnay or the velvety smoothness of a Pinot Noir, each wine brings out unique flavors in the chicken, creating a balance that satisfies the palate.

This guide has illuminated the path to selecting wines that not only complement but elevate various chicken preparations. Embrace these pairing principles to impress and delight your guests, ensuring every bite is a celebration of taste.

Cheers to the delightful harmony of chicken paired expertly with wine!

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